This is our typical setup at your event.  As you can see, we have a green backdrop and place a green bib on each guest. With special equipment and software we pick up only the guests head and superimpose it on professional dancing bodies in the music video .

Guest only has to keep their head on  the body of the dancer in the video. 

We create a DVD for each guest of their video performance to take home.

We also produce a 'master' DVD for you of all videos created.

Serving:  Houston - Galveston - Austin - Dallas/Ft.Worth

San Antonio  & Corpus Christi   (and surrounding areas)

Sample of  over 100 video options available

We travel to where your event is. We do all the setup, filming and teardown. All you and your guests do is have fun.

Serving Texas events since 2006

It is simply hilarious.
It is the ultimate party experience.  There is non-stop laughter as you watch your co-workers, family, friends, and perfect strangers dance (and sing) to today’s most popular songs and yesterday’s oldies. We offer fun for the whole family. It can liven up any trade show, conference, business open house, birthday party, office party, church event, and fundraiser.

Meanwhile  the rest of the guests view a large screen monitor where they see the melded images live.

Over 100+ videos to choose from.

Choose 1, 2, or 3 guests.

Take home a DVD